ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixing Metallics

This week, let’s throw it way back to when we were 12 years old and our mothers preached the most sacred of all fashion adages. “My dear, you never mix gold and silver. Pick one and stick with it.” I don’t think I’ve touched a silver necklace since, out of pure fear that I would ruin my wardrobe’s aesthetic. That may have been perfect advice for our young, pre-pubescent selves, but I think now is the right time to try our hands at mixing a couple of metallics.

This Fashionista is a great example of how to successfully combine your two favorite accent metals. Since it’s summertime, wardrobes are lighter and brighter. Sometimes, it’s just really hard to shell out every single piece of gold jewelry you have in your closet for one outfit and find the shoes to match. This Fashionista takes a great summer staple in white jeans and a fun tie-dye tank top and accessorizes flawlessly. Taking a stack of bangles in a great sterling silver on one arm and complementing them with the newly popular Lokai bracelets and a leather wrap on the other draws the eyes to the accessories almost instantly. They pop and subtly show off your school spirit! Finishing off her look with a great gold, leather combo sandal and some bright nail polish, this Fashionista has it all together, from head to toe.

How To: Start out simple, and stack your favorite bangles together in different finishes! You can almost always find two pieces that you already own to flawlessly complement one another with a new and unique color contrast.