My favorite thing about winter fashion is that any outfit can be cozy and comfortable, yet significantly stylish. But, it’s the winter accessories that truly complete the look.

This scarf is a great piece for any closet because of its blends of grey, black and tan. It can be paired with any ensemble for both warmth and style. I also love how versatile scarves can be. They can be tossed, tucked and wrapped depending on how you choose to wear it! In this look, it is looped around the neck and falls along the sides of her jacket.

The mittens intensify the play on patterns but blend well with the gray-scale color scheme. I would highly recommend mittens if you don’t already have a pair! They are not only adorable, but also they are extremely warm.

Finally, if you’re a fashion girl of the North, you already know winter boots are a staple item. They are basically your BFF’s through the winter season, so pick ‘em wisely. These Sperry boots are a great choice for snowy winter days. The key to picking a perfect winter boot is to go plain, like the black ones shown here. They are almost guaranteed to match any patterned knit scarf you choose.

I love this look because it blends distinctive patterns without appearing too busy. The simplicity of the look makes it the perfect outdoor outfit, whether you’ll be meeting your friends for lunch or heading to class during a light snowfall.

How to: Pick simple base items like a black coat, dark wash jeans and black boots. Find a bold pattern scarf, like this. Get creative with how you choose to wear your scarf! Try different knot techniques and loops to mix up the look. Then, find a pair of mittens that match the color scheme like these!