As a CollegeFashionista Style Guru, I always keep an eye out for great street style on my daily commutes. When I spotted this Fashionista, I was at a loss for words—an extremely unusual situation for me. Her style inspired me so much, I stopped in my tracks. I quickly collected myself so as to not hold up sidewalk traffic and pulled out my camera to snap her revolutionary ensemble.

She looks chic with a cool black hat and Wayfarer sunglasses. These covert accessories combined with a long black military coat add an air of mystery. Is she going to study in the library? Headed to an exclusive exhibit at the Met? Or maybe she’s attending a board meeting for one of New York’s top publications? Perhaps all of the above; this outfit would work in any of these situations. The beautiful gold buttons that embellish her jacket, her corresponding metallic combat boots and a luxe fur trimmed hood add subtle personality to this staple look.

However, her amazingly unique pants bring a shock factor to a wonderfully simple outfit. One leg, a neutral black, totally contrasts with the other, an awesome red and black plaid. Fashionistas have been experimenting with mixing prints, but these bottoms bring a whole new meaning to the term. Why separate two designs into a top and a bottom when you can achieve this look with one piece? Since this style is so innovative, shopping it online can be difficult. This is the perfect opportunity to scour thrift shops with fellow Fashionistas for a sick statement piece. In the meantime, patchwork is a perfect way to experiment with this trend. Here is a pair of cool patchwork pants and a slightly pricier pair. You can also DIY this style easily with a comfortable pair of jeans and some extra fabric scraps.

How To: Looking to try something different? Thrown on your mixed print or patchwork pants with a top in a neutral color that matches the one in your bottoms. Add shoes in a gold or silver tone, and you’re ready to walk the runways or your campus sidewalks.