They say that attention to detail can turn something average into something exceptional. We know that details, although they may seem insignificant, are actually incredibly important when putting together presentations for class, finishing tasks for work and of course, putting together an outfit for the day. These details, or accessories, can help us describe ourselves in a nonverbal way. Accessories help us create a cohesive look that best mirrors our personality by mixing different styled pieces. And because each person is so different, why not mix and match different styles to our taste?

This Fashionista flawlessly uses several different looks through her accessories to create a unique, stylish appearance. She paired a white, quilted handbag with her racer back tank top and an A-line skirt to add a chic touch to the classic outfit. The gold chain on the bag goes perfectly with her simple gold necklace. One of my favorite parts of her ensemble are the colorful bracelets with different textures. The bracelets are so quirky and play a pivotal role in this outfit, in that it keeps it looking casual for everyday wear. Her white Converse All-Stars provide a tomboyish, relaxed twist to her chic, feminine outfit. And last but not least, the cherry on top for this Fashionista are the eye-catching mirrored sunglasses that are just funky enough to keep her looking cool.

It’s amazing how using something as little as a few accessories can completely change your look. Our Fashionista reminded me to never be afraid of mixing different styles together, whether it be bohemian and vintage, or classic and sporty. Sometimes sticking to one style can be limiting and it’s just so much more fun to try new looks and see what you can come up with!

How To: Grab some fun bracelets and your favorite pair of sneakers to go with a classic skirt and blouse, to instantly create a laid back, chic outfit.