Sunglasses have the unique ability to completely change your look. Historically, sunglass trends have been all about the shapes of the frames. Consider the iconic cat-eye frame of the 1950s that instantly gives any modern look a classic yet retro feel. The 1990s started a trend in sporty frames that can still be used to create an athleisure look. Modern-day trendsetters encourage us to wear frames that best flatter our individual face shapes. Whether you rock the small square frames of the 1980s or a funky geometric frame from the 1960s today it is all about the lenses. Mirrored lenses have made a comeback this summer, but that doesn’t mean you need to run and find your 1980s aviators. To be on trend you would need to find yourself a pair of bright and boldly colored mirrored lens sunglasses.

Just Cavalli Resort 2016 runway show featured big and round mirrored lenses with the ombre color effect. This summer you’ll find Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike sporting mirrored lenses with bright ombres such as sunset yellows and oranges or even electric blues and pinks. These bright colors go with the retro 1970s trend on the rise this season when tinted lenses were all the rage. The UV electric colors bring a modern-day twist to this throwback style and can even give a look a more futuristic feel with the right frames. Chanel, for example, has the ’70s meets the ’80s meets modern-day with the Shield Runway Sunglasses that come in a variety of colors such as red, silver or purple.

This Fashionista is sporting mirrored lens aviators in a burnt orange and red tint. These sunglasses in particular came from a store in Europe. She found these after she had broken her original sunglasses while traveling, but they were certainly a trendy and lucky find. This Fashionista is using her sunglasses as a bold-colored statement piece by pairing them with a black and white ensemble. Her mixed-print cropped tank top and high-waisted black skater skirt keep her dark summer look stylish and allows the sunglasses to add a nice pop of color to brighten up her overall look without causing a distraction. I expect we will be seeking out our darkest black and richest brown sunglasses for the upcoming fall season, but for now let’s enjoy the fun-loving vibes of vibrant colored lenses for summer.

How To: This Fashionista has a simple and trendy style. Let your bright mirrored lenses be the focus of your look by wearing neutral colors. Pair a cropped black and white tank top with a skater skirt or change up the look with denim shorts. Add your bold-colored mirrored lenses and head out for the day.