I almost missed this Fashionista the other day when I was walking on campus. Dressed in head to toe black, she didn’t stand out to me at first amongst the hordes of student shuffling back and forth, no doubt under the stress that only a week of midterm exams can bring. But then I took a second glance at her refined look and realized that she did indeed posses something none of the others did: horizontal mesh panels on the sleeves and midriff of her shirt.

I quickly turned around and pleaded with her, “but I must document your cool shirt, it’s so unique!” Sold.

Even though mesh and see-through details are typically reserved for going out at night and showing a little more skin that you normally would in the daytime, this Fashionista challenged the status quo by sporting her mesh top in broad daylight, and it was definitely campus worthy.

Boxy shirts, like the one she was wearing, and crop tops with this see-through element give any classic jeans or skirt a sporty update. Mesh always seems to remind me of a sports teams’ jersey, which is why I think it looks best paired with sneakers and track shorts, or another variation of athletic wear.

How To: Make a mesh detail work for class or just hanging around on campus in an all black outfit, like this Fashionista did. The subdued look will allow the see-through details to soak up all the attention. Now that you’re equipped with some tips on how to rock see-through details, go out there and “mesh” it up!