I have entered paradise. I have spent the past week on the beautiful island of Mallorca, just off the Spanish coast. Sunsets on the beach, mountains that nearly kiss the shore and small towns filled with kind people, fabulous shopping and amazing historical landmarks have consumed my time as of late. This beautiful little place is a huge hub for tourism; nearly 8 million people flock to the beaches here each summer. The magic part is that one would never know. My stay has been relaxing, energizing and full of adventure.

Another thing that I found a lot of? Fashion. The style here is absolutely wonderful; I kept my camera with me at all times for fear that I would miss a Fashionista! Luckily, however, I did not. This week’s Fashionista is rocking a gorgeous pair of Menorquinas, a very typical and traditional style of shoe that is made in Spain on the nearby island of Menorca. I’ve started to see them back home in the United States as well and I’m super excited about it!

Menorquinas are a tourist’s dream: they are comfortable, inexpensive (in Spain, at least) and come in nearly every color and pattern under the sun. I have even found pairs covered in snakeskin! They are sold in almost every shop here and for very good reason. I absolutely love this Fashionista’s pair. I think they’re unique and very original.

Having chosen such a standout pair of shoes, she kept the rest of her outfit very simple. A three quarter sleeve blouse looks lovely in a color that matches those of the shoes. It’s also perfect for a cloudy, breezier day on this coastal island and tops off a pair of black shorts perfectly. I have always feared mixing blue and black, but this Fashionista works the trend very well.

The best part of this outfit would definitely have to be the accessories! A matching wide brimmed hat and some large sunnies are both on trend and practical for the piercing sunshine. A classic watch and a boldly colored anklet match perfectly. Less is more, especially in this heat and humidity! This Fashionista is rocking her Menorquinas along with a perfect style for spending the day bouncing around the island.

How To: If you want to try something new and typical to Spain, this is the look for you! As a bonus, Menorquinas are worn here by both Fashionistas and Fashionistos (These are similar and a bit more affordable)! Pick a peasant blouse to match and top off with some fantastic sunnies. Grab your sun hat and you’re good to go!