ALL IN THE DETAILS: May The Basics Be With You

Sometimes, it’s the basics that we need to stick to in an outfit. Whether it’s neutrals, staple pieces or a statement item, it’s always a great idea to keep it simple, but to also add some type of flare to it as well! A simple outfit with the help of accessories is never a bad thing. Merely, the clothing is a canvas for you to go wild with. These basics help mold and change what the basic look would have been. Seeing that a few accessories do just that, you are bound to come up with many mixtures and styles! This Fashionista seems to have done just that, and has given a unique look to a long T-shirt that a typical lady might be afraid to try on.

As we all know, the basic white T-shirt is the staple of all staples when it comes to fashion and clothing. From your grandma to your little brother, everyone wears white T-shirts. This Fashionista took on a huge task and styled an oversized white T-shirt. Because of its big nature, a typical Fashionista would be a bit scared to try an item like this out. It was clear that this particular Fashionista would take on this obstacle and pair it with some awesome jeans to elongate her legs. Let’s be real—ripped jeans are the perfect staple that everyone loves, as well! Can we also talk about those gladiator heels? They are perfect black leather with gold buckle embellishments that are merely to go crazy over. I’m sure after this article, girls will be flocking to the mall with shoe envy.

Moving on to her accessories, the Fashionista kept it elegant and true to her own style. The Fashionista put on some cute and feminine cat shades that were pretty adorable. As well, for gold accents the Fashionista put on a gold plated necklace and bracelet to give some type of dynamic. Her big pink purse was the highlight and what made the outfit pop. Since everything else was just basic and neutral, the purse gave a bit of color and pop to the whole ensemble. She truly owned this outfit, and was very confident in the matter!

How To: It’s pretty simple to obtain this look: just put on a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans and you are good to go! The accessories are the most important. Give yourself a more feminine look with girly jewelry and an oversized purse!