ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mastering Menswear

Who says you have to be a man to dress like one? Or at least wear an outfit inspired by the truly simple world that is menswear. Once you have a grasp on it, menswear is easy to master.

I work at Urban Outfitters and one of the first things were told is that women’s fashion is like a maze—super confusing and easy to get lost in—where as men’s is straight-forward. You want pants? Here they are. You want dress shirts? Here they are. Menswear is so unique in that way; it’s completely and utterly timeless.

This Fashionista fluidly incorporates menswear-inspired pieces throughout her outfit, and no one pulls it off better than she does. Here’s some words of hers on what her style is to her:

“I love combining feminine and masculine pieces. Who says bow ties are reserved for guys? A majority of my closet is thrifted; I love the surprise it brings and the uniqueness of each item, plus, it helps the environment by reusing and such.”

Her pants combine comfort with a tailored cut and the same with her coat! Even though the rest of her outfit is thrifted, there are a lot of options out there for similar menswear accessories.  Adding these small details, as this Fashionista does, will spice up your outfit and push the boundaries and preconceived ideas of fashion.

How To: Add a little masculinity to your outfit through the small details. Incorporating a small touch here and there will easily spice up your outfit. This Fashionista sure pulls it off well!