Hats off to the creator(s) of Netflix because I have not been able to leave my apartment. As of the last weekend, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been unhealthily binge-watching Orange is the New Black. The wait is finally over and although summer’s beautiful weather is here, no one wants to leave his or her apartment. Eventually, however, we all have to get on with out lives and be productive (AFTER we finish the entire season in a day, of course). Productivity can even start with choosing what you wear for the day before you even plan what you’re going to be doing.

This Fashionisto was spotted in the West Village looking as if he was definitely being productive. His accessories are what caught my eye the most—an army fatigue Ralph Lauren leather messenger bag, a leather band watch and snazzy black Banana Republic wingtips. This was all paired with his genius color-blocking of a charcoal button-down and red checkered pants. This casual yet posh outfit was perfect for going to school, commuting, going to a quick lunch meeting or going on a train ride outside of the city.

How To: We all have that day (following the few days we’ve been binge-watching our favorite shows) where we have to finally get out of bed and get things done. But productivity doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish with it. Don’t be afraid to color-block—add some show stopping accessories to make you stand out and you’ll be going on with your day quicker than you know. Maybe even quick enough to get back to that show you’ve been obsessed with.