ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make a Statement

Mother Nature has finally blessed us with appropriate summer weather: The sun is out and shining, people can once again leave their homes without needing to wear a jacket or having to carry an umbrella around and we are filled with hopes and dreams for days wasted away at the beach, drink in hand. Though we are all living in our summer fantasies and fashion, let’s not leave behind the trends from last season that can be carried over to the summer.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing one thing that will never go out of stylea statement necklace. Statement necklaces are perfect for any occasion, instantly taking any outfit from casual to classy. Take this Fashionista’s outfit, for instance: without the necklace, her look would have been perfect for a day of fun in the sun. With the necklace, she looked ready for a graduation party or a dinner out at a nice Italian restaurant.

Entire outfits can also spring from of inspiration from the necklace alone—after all, a statement necklace is supposed to make a statement. Working around the necklace, the outfit has to be simple enough not to meld with and not contrast with the statement accessory. I like how this Fashionista wore black and whiteneutral tones that instantly attract the onlooker’s eyes to the necklace. By using neutral colors, the statement necklace is not only part of the outfit, it is the outfit.

This outfit was tied together in a number of ways: one layer of the necklace had a slight blue tint to it, which his Fashionista matched with her nail color, along with pairing her white flip-flops with her white shorts. (On top of it, crystals on her flip flops match her heart cuff bracelet). Her outfit is simple, yet subtly detailed and cohesive.

With a beautifully beaded statement necklace, this Fashionista is ready for any event she attends this summer.

How to: To translate your outfit from drab to fab, grab your favorite statement necklace and build today’s outfit around it. Use neutral colors and patterns in your shirt and shorts, but remember to tie the outfit in with your subtle accessories, such as shoes, a bracelet or even earrings.