ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make A Statement

Summer is finally in full swing, and what does that mean for us Fashionistas? Great style that is easy, fun and takes minimal effort and apparel. When I think of summer, I think of the beach, barbecues, lemonade and white pants that of course look good with mostly anything they are paired with!

This Fashionista wore a perfect summer outfit that could really go for day or night and she made a huge statement with that necklace. Summer style to me is all about being fun but in a minimal way. She simply had a pair of white jeans, a blush tank, tan wedges and a pop-of-color yellow tote. She topped off with the statement necklace that brought the entire outfit together. It is interesting to always see how one accessory can completely shape an outfit or complete a look. It is such a simple concept yet it makes for a huge impact. Her short, blonde hair topped off this look as well for being easy going yet incredibly chic and stylish.

Statement necklaces not only top off an outfit, but when paired with another outfit, they can create another whole great look without having to go out and buy another necklace. This Fashionista can wear the necklace at a later date with light jeans, a blue top and black booties—it would be a completely different look but utilizing the same necklace.

I hope that everyone’s summer is filled with a lot of sun, good food, great times and lovely style.

How To: Want to get this easy, stylish look this summer? Grab your favorite pair of white jeans or crop pants, pair it with a solid blouse or tank, throw on some wedges or sandals and pick up your favorite summer bag. Don’t forget to add a statement necklace that can not only work for the look you want but also work for other outfits in your summer wardrobe. Remember a little sweater too; we all know how those summer nights can get a little chilly while out on the town.