ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make A Good Fur-st Impression

With classes beginning to pick up steam and your urge to hit snooze growing stronger each day, sometimes you need a good outfit to get you out of bed. When the temperature is in the single digits every day, it can be hard to have the motivation to be stylish first thing in the morning. The secret to an effortless but luxurious look is a faux fur vest! These are warm, stylish and an easy way to amp up your look in an instant!  People everywhere are adopting this trend, including Cara Delevingne in her campaign for Topshop.

This Fashionista looks chic and sophisticated in her fur vest. It adds texture to her otherwise basic look and keeps her warm in the frigid tundra that is our campus. She lets the vest run the show, accenting it with a basic black long sleeve shirt and black leggings. This Fashionista is also wearing a fall/winter go-to item—black riding boots. These protect her feet from the snow while also complementing almost any outfit.

Her statement necklace complements the color of her vest while adding a finishing touch to her classy look. It is interesting enough to add to the look, but since it is pretty neutral, it doesn’t clash with the vest. These vests come in all different styles and colors, but I think it is best to stick to neutrals like white or brown. The neutral color will match pieces already in your closet, so you will have plenty of ways to wear it.  You can also opt for a fur jacket to keep your arms warm and add even more coziness to your look!

How To: Grab yourself a fur vest! They are perfect for the cold weather and will transition well into spring. Add a neutral statement necklace to add some sparkle, but keep your base layers simple so you don’t look too flashy.