ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lots of Jewelry

Jewelry is a key component to any Fashionista’s outfit. Jewelry can make your outfit. A simple outfit can be dressed up by just adding some necklaces and rings. One of my favorite trends is layered necklaces and wearing lots of rings.

This Fashionista definitely is wearing lots of fun pieces to match her outfit. She is rocking rings, a necklace, bracelets and earrings. The awesome thing about jewelry is that the same outfit can give a completely different feel when paired with different jewelry. This Fashionista told me that she usually finds unique pieces in her collection from yard sales or thrift shops. If you don’t have time to go searching for treasures, then there are many stores that sell layered necklaces and stackable rings. Buying the jewelry in packs allow you to spend less money and still get the same effect of wearing a lot of pieces.

This Fashionista paired all of her jewelry with a cute, floral sundress. I really like how this dress has a sweetheart type neckline and fits the Fashionista just right! This dress accentuates her figure without being too much for a day out. This dress is obviously perfect for summer. Sundresses are wonderful for slipping on in a hurry for summer days.

How To: Wear any of your summer dresses and choose some rings, necklaces or bracelets to wear with it. Stackable rings and layered necklaces will add the effect of wearing a lot of jewelry without having a ton of different pieces on.