ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lions and Tigers and Leopard, Oh My!

June 15th, 2015 at 2:10am

You wake up on a Monday morning to the ringing of an alarm. You jump out of bed after 30 minutes of contemplating whether to skip class and walk over to your closet to see what you can find to wear under a massive pile of clothing. You stand there groggily rubbing your sleepy eyes as you stare at the rows of shirts and sweaters in every color and pattern. You feel like you have nothing to wear and you think to yourself, where did all my cute clothes go? You go to reach for your fleece pajama pants because today you have made the decision that you do not care what you look like. All of the sudden it hits you: I can’t walk through campus with my pizza stained, pajama fleece pants and fifth grade ripped up soccer team T-shirt. I am going to be Carrie Bradshaw today and walk outside feeling utterly glamorous.

This Fashionista channeled her inner Sex in the City character and was spotted strutting her stuff in downtown Chicago. This outfit grabbed my attention instantly due to her bold pattern and oozing confidence. This Fashionista’s outfit was unique from head to toe. The focal point in this look is the leopard shirt. The color scheme is on point. This Fashionista highlights all the colors in the leopard shirt by pulling out the caramel in her boots, the tan in the belt and dark gray with her jeans. Even though there are multiple shades of tan being paired, it works perfectly because the shirt brings out a constant pattern and theme within her look.

My favorite part of this outfit is how she added a touch mixed patterns and colors. Her peach striped sunglasses add a side of fun and flirty to an originally edgy look. Her sunglasses pair perfectly with her bright pink lipstick. The shapes of her sunglasses present a ’60s vibe and bring a different shape into her look through a cat eye frame. Without the pivotal touch of sunglasses and bright lipstick, this look would have not been complete and might have taken on a completely different feel. The mixing of bold and classic allow this Fashionista to express her multiple styles in just one look.

How To: Find a bold shirt at your favorite boutique and work off of the colors that are presented in the pattern within your accessories. Play around and try mixing patterns that might not fit the norm.