ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let Your Shoes Say it All

In the summertime when our outfits tend to be simple, casual and neutral-toned, what can we do to take our beachy looks to the next level? Instead of going out to find bold tops or dresses, utilize some fun accessories to complement your summer wardrobe. Shoes can often be overlooked for the starring role in our outfits. When it comes to accessories we tend to focus on what necklace or earrings to wear, not realizing that our shoes are equally as important and capable of making a statement. When you have on a simple pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt, a great pair of shoes is all you need to make your outfit unique.

This Fashionista’s outfit is all about her amazing shoes. Her simple outfit is letting her killer beaded sandals do all of the talking. The combination of her flowy white T-shirt with a pair of light wash, cropped jeans is the perfect platform to let her shoes be the center of attention. With seashells and intricate beading, these unique sandals are the epitome of beachy summer style. This Fashionista knows that with these amazing shoes, she does not need any more loud accessories. A few subtle, fun summer bracelets and a small, everyday necklace is all she needs to complete this great beachy look.

How To: Have a great pair of unique shoes that have spent their time sitting in your closet because they never seem to go with anything? Pair them with a very simple, neutral-toned outfit to allow your shoes to be the main focus.