ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather, Wine and Everything Fine

January 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

I heard the saying once, “Black is more than a color,” and was really intrigued by this idea. How could black, the darkest color of all, be more than just a color? Over time, I came to realize what that quote really meant. Black is an attitude. The color black can represent so many things. In popular culture it represents darkness and mourning, but in the modern, everyday life, it can represent a classic, powerful and sophisticated person. Those who wear black are those who want to prove themselves to the world.

I mentioned in my STYLE GURU BIO that even though I love wearing an all-black outfit, I usually choose to accentuate it with a fun, unique accessory or feature. A pop of red lipstick or classic white shirt are a fun yet timeless way to stand out while wearing a muted color.  Another way to add a pop of freshness to the outfit is with faux animal print. Leather, even though usually black, adds a pop of shine to the outfit. This shine, even though very subtle, radiates off of any light, and gives the outfit the power to stand out among the rest of the crowd. Even with a simple glance, the shine will catch other’s eyes, making it impossible to be ignored.

This Fashionista paired my favorite red lipstick with a pop of leather on her pants and boots. Using faux animal print, such as leopard, cheetah or even snakeskin leather enhances the outfit, and it turns a plain everyday all-black outfit into an outfit that no one would think of wearing before. Her outfit blends a bunch of different ideas and accessories, and makes the rebellious attitude that comes with this all black outfit pop out.

With her faux leather, high heeled over-the-knee boots, leather leggings and vintage wine lip stain, she is ready to turn heads wherever she goes. Add the aviator sunglasses and knitted beanie/scarf, and she is ready to take the world by storm.

How To: This look is simpler than it appears, which is what I love about it. All you really need are these over-the-knee boots, leather leggingsblack knitted scarf, beanie, aviator sunglasses and my favorite vintage wine lip stain.