ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leather on Leather

Since the weather has turned around a bit, it’s interesting to see how people around campus are coping with it. Although we don’t have the luxury of experiencing snow, which might be a good thing, it’s still cool enough to pull out our sweaters and jackets.

Leather has become a huge trend, and is getting easier and easier to incorporate into everyday outfits. I remember when there was a point where you were looked at crazy if you wore leather in Florida, but thank goodness things have changed.

What I loved most about this Fashionista’s outfit was how she rocked leather on top of leather. It was uncommon, but she did it in a way that was very pleasing to the eye. Her jacket was cool because it included not only one, but two very popular trends: leather and military inspired, with the jacket in an army green color and the sleeves as accents.

Her leggings were unique because they weren’t doing too much. They had just the right amount of leather on the sides. She kept this outfit very cohesive by adding a black top with a ruffle detail under her jacket, and a pair of olive green TOMS shoes to finish it off. Very comfy and chic, wouldn’t you agree?

How To: Obsessed with this look? You’re in luck because it can easily be recreated! Nowadays every store sells pieces with leather, so just find a pair of leggings with leather panels and a jacket with leather sleeves, and you’ll be good to go. Add a black top underneath and a pair of olive green slip-ons and the look is complete.