The movie Grease has become one of the most influential musicals that hit the big screen. It incorporates widely known musical numbers, a phenomenal cast and, best of all, an amazing aesthetic of 1950s culture. Miss Sandy Olson the metamorphosis of one look that symbolizes purity and positivity into the opposite side of the spectrum that includes more texture and darker colors for an edgy look. The key to reach the final Sandy look? Leather. This will give an edge to any look whatsoever. Leather skirts, shirts and even pants never go out of style. However, the ultimate classic and staple piece of a leather wardrobe is an classic, vintage looking leather jacket. You can never go wrong with styling a leather jacket. Greasers make it a known symbol to wear them as seen in film and literature. Even though it is known like in The Outsiders, nowadays you can style a leather jacket in whatever manner you want and still make it look great.

In this specific outfit, the leather jacket is used as a texture to contrast the casual blue jeans look. Taking the classic white, cotton shirt underneath is a timeless choice. This Fashionista went even further by pairing the plain color with silver necklaces with a little more detail. The shoes go well with the jewelry by sticking to the silver metallic look. This is a very casual way to approach the timely jacket in a very feminine manner by still keeping it classy with a little more edge.

How To: First, grab yourself a good quality leather jacket. Then make sure the shirt underneath it is very simple to not clash with the qualities of the leather. Pair it with sleek jeans to again balance the harshness of the jacket. Hey, you can even try different colors of leather.