ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lazy Day Sandals

When it comes to dressing up, I love going all out. I’m all for the makeup, the fancy outfits and definitely the heels. If I had the energy and time to dress like a movie star every day, I totally would. But let’s face it: us college kids barely have the energy and time to attend our morning classes. That’s why I love having those essential pieces to complete a lazy day look. And when it comes to shoes, slip-on sandals are the way to go.

Don’t get me wrong, strappy sandals are perfect for a casual summer look. But why waste time strapping in your feet when slip-on sandals are just as cute and comfortable? This Fashionista gets where I’m coming from. Her tree bark sandals are unique and fashionable while still being relaxed and easy. The high-waisted jean shorts and patterned tank top are textbook warm-weather pieces that are equally as cozy as the shoes. This Fashionista’s whole look represents ideal comfort, and her shoes show us that cozy sandals aren’t just for bumming!

Even though syllabus week is quickly approaching, the weather doesn’t seem to be cooling down. Having these essential summer pieces are equally as important for the school year as they are the summer. I can’t wait to rock some slide-on sandals to my first week of classes and show my friends that dressing comfortably and fashionably is definitely possible!

How To: Afraid you’ll look too lazy in your slip-on sandals? Pair them with a light tank top and denim shorts to dress up your look while still being casual!