The best way to stay cool, while still amping up any summer outfit is to layer up your accessories. Lightweight, easy-to-wear necklaces of various lengths are the perfect way to spice up a seemingly simple outfit without adding any extra material. You can go more clean and classy by wearing simple chains like these, or you can aim for a more bohemian look like this Fashionista’s style showcases. Even with her chunky gold bracelet, the outfit remains effortless, yet still very put together. The great thing about accessories is the fact that they are so versatile that they will complement your outfit no matter what your personal style is!

I truly believe that it is the details that make or break an outfit, and in this Fashionista’s case, it definitely makes it. Her choice of accessories added the right amount of sophistication to the floral jumpsuit, which already gives interest with the crisscrossed straps in the back. Even though a bright-colored jumpsuit may seem bold enough by itself, the layered necklaces and wide gold bracelet elevate the entire look to the next level.

Of course, no summer outfit is complete without sandals. Lace-up sandals are essential to a complete summer wardrobe because you can rock them with any outfit, while staying cool and cute. Having a pair in a neutral tone like her medium brown flats make them especially wearable.

How To: Want to add flare to your summer outfit without adding any additional heat? Try layering lightweight accessories such as necklaces of different lengths and styles to your next summer look.