ALL IN THE DETAILS: Laidback Leather

Leather is a material that has been around for centuries. It is a material of luxury, with its many shades, types and styles. It is timeless and has made its way into the world of fashion time and time again. There are countless ways to wear leather, and it can be seen in many forms on the runway, from jackets to sandals. Leather is a way to add a luxurious touch to any outfit, even during an Iowa summer.

Although Iowa summers can be boiling hot, an unexpected chilly evening is always sure to creep up on a Fashionista/o. With its inconsistency, Iowa weather can throw many curve balls at Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike. However, this Fashionista was prepared with her leather accessories and light layering techniques.

To pair with her matching leather booties and cross-body bag, this Fashionista chose a dainty gold watch and light layers. The watch adds a simple sparkle to the outfit without being too much. The gold also compliments the color of the leather shoes and bag beautifully. The dark jeans, black top and pin stripe button-down are all pieces that also help the leather’s camel color stand out and be the center of attention in this outfit.

With a simple black T-shirt underneath, this Fashionista layered her linen, striped shirt perfectly. The rolled up sleeve adds to the layered look and creates a more summery vibe. Her cropped jeans also help the outfit to not look too wintery on a chilly summer evening. If this Fashionista finds herself getting a little less chilly, she can simply take off her linen button-down and put it in her perfectly sized Michael Kors cross-body bag. Her simple black T-shirt will continue to let the leather’s camel color stand out, even without the linen button-down.

This Fashionista effortlessly added luxury to a casual look. By simply adding the right accessories, she amped up a simple, layered outfit.

How To: Find yourself in a chilly situation during the months of summer? Try layering with a solid T-shirt, light button-down and leather accessories for a casual look with a luxurious twist. Add a simple accessory, like a gold watch, for a simple sparkle.