Guilty pleasures, we all have them. Whether you’re a fan of cheesy romantic comedies or a Tumblr addict, there is something out there for everyone. Yet, why should we be ashamed of particular likings? In an attempt to rid the world of the stigmas surrounding guilty pleasures, I will share my “guilty” pleasure with you.

I am obsessed with Say Yes to the Dress. The diamonds, drama and dresses are all so glamorous. I have a particular soft spot for lace wedding dresses. Lace is delicate, romantic and timeless. Although marriage may not be in the near future for us college students, we can still work lace into our everyday wardrobe.

Our Fashionista incorporated lace by rocking a pair of off-white lace shorts. The shorts consist of a thin slip with an outer layer of lace. The lace pattern is exquisite, especially the scallop detailing on the bottom. The lace shorts are the star, so our Fashionista keeps the rest outfit modest. Her top is a lightweight turquoise scoop neck, perfect for the humid summer weather. For shoes, this Fashionista sported a pair of tan flats with little bows, which provided a nice feminine touch.

What I love about this outfit is how versatile it is. If this top had been paired with denim shorts, the outfit would still be cute, but very casual. These lace shorts add a dash of elegance to the ensemble, allowing our Fashionista to go from place to place without having to change; it’s the perfect balance between casual and fancy.

How To: The key to styling lace shorts is to keep it simple. This applies to the both the shorts themselves and the ensemble as a whole. Lace is often intricate, so stick to neutral or light colors when buying lace clothing. Once you have found the perfect shorts, pair them with a classic top and minimal jewelry.