Lately, it has been snowing like crazy here in the northeast! We’re only two weeks into the new semester and Marist College has already had three snow days. When snow is all over the ground and the temperatures drop into the single digits, it is hard to find the motivation to look cute for class. Often times, students wear their heaviest puffer coats and most durable snow boots, but some students decide to beat the odds and put together a nice outfit. This Fashionista’s look is practical for cold weather, but it’s still fashionable. I am particularly intrigued by her knee-high lace-up boots.

This Fashionista started with a black and gray color-block dress. To keep warm, she added black tights. Her checkered coat pairs well with her dress because both items contain similar prints just in different colors. Her simple stone jewelry adds the finishing touches while her lace-up boots intensify the outfit’s fashion factor. Had this Fashionista gone for a basic black or brown pair of boots, her outfit wouldn’t have had the same “wow” factor as it does with the lace-up boots because lace-up boots are a rare sight around campus and extremely unique.

To mimic this Fashionista’s stylish wintry look, start with a sweater or dress in an interesting print. Next, add a coat in the same print. Basic bottoms like solid jeans, leggings or tights will keep the outfit from becoming too hectic. Finally, finish the outfit with its star item—knee-high lace-up boots. With an outfit like this, you’ll be able to brave the cold while looking fashion week ready.

How To: Ready to try an exciting, new and different style of boot? A lace-up pair of knee-high boots will take you straight out of your comfort zone. Pair them with a printed ensemble for a fashionable outfit or with a solid one to keep things simple.