ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lace It Up, Dress It Down

Have you ever been stuck on choosing what to wear? Like having writer’s block but for an outfit? I know that I sure have. There are days where I literally go through my entire closet and cannot find a single item that I want to wear. Sometimes I feel as if I wear a similar outfit every day, that it starts feeling like a routine. Other times, when I want to experiment on a new trend, I am not comfortable stepping out the door, thinking I will be judged by the fashion police. Whenever I have this major dilemma, I take a deep breath and start over. The easiest thing to do is to select a simple outfit and make my accessories the focus point of my ensemble.

This Fashionista shows us the perfect example of enhancing an outfit with her accessories. In this case, she chooses to make her stylish lace-up flats the main subject of her outfit. She wears burgundy skinny jeans with a black asymmetrical sweater. Casual sunnies rest on her glossy blowout while an Anya Hindmarch purse hangs from her shoulder. Her flats were the first thing I saw when I spotted her. They elongate her legs and give her outfit that elegant touch. They are the perfect alternative to ballet flats yet have a resemblance to them; they give the added edge to an ensemble without too much effort. Now that’s a trendy Fashionista!

How To: Pair lace-up flats with cropped pants and a simple top. The shoes should give the extra oomph to the outfit. This ensemble is perfect when you decide to give your feet a rest from wearing high-heels all day, since they still spice up the outfit.