There are a few select materials that are versatile enough to not only transcend generations of style evolution, but be seamlessly incorporated into a wide range of style genres without becoming too worn out: lace. From prim and proper dresses in the early 20th century to boho-chic tank tops and skirts in the 21st, lace has evolved to meet the needs of the fashion world and this Fashionista perfectly represents that change.

Maxi dresses are perfect for summer nights when you need something just a tad fancier than a sundress, and paired with the right accessories they can be downright chic. The lace material of this maxi dress is the perfect detail to raise this Fashionista’s look from easy breezy to boho-chic. This Fashionista stayed true to the light lace color and complemented it with a light pink handbag and white necklace. Minimal accessories are key to wearing lace successfully; simple one-strand necklaces like this Fashionista or a few stacked bracelets are all you need. Peachy-coral sandals add a surprise pop of color at the feet and can easily be swapped with wedges for fancier occasions. A floppy hat is one of my ultimate favorite addition to any outfit and this one adds perfectly to this outfit’s boho vibe.

Ultimately, don’t let lace overwhelm you and don’t let fears of looking like a grandma hold you back from rocking a look like this. Even if it’s a simple lace trim on your jean shorts or a whole dress, lace is your friend. Dress it up, dress it down, just go out and rock it.

How To: Pair any lace dress with your favorite minimal jewelry and casual sandals. Don’t forget a wide-brimmed hat while you’re at it!