Dresses and skirts are a few of my favorite things but sometimes they can be tricky to wear in the wintertime, especially here in Ohio. Tights can be an easy solution, as can knee socks, one of the trendiest accessories. Knee socks have made quite the comeback over the past year or so. They are the perfect way to layer during the winter months and this Fashionista pulls them off so well. I would highly suggest trying out a pair as they will keep you extra warm and allow you to wear your favorite skirts and dresses right now as we speak.

This Fashionista chooses to wear knee-high socks with a classic black skirt. Her outfit is a perfect winter time look for several different occasions and it caught my attention right away. Her socks are rather simple, but a great color in order to add detail and brighten up the outfit. These knee-high socks from Urban Outfitters in the rust color will give you a similar look. If you’re searching for a different kind of detail to add to your look then perhaps choose a pair of socks likes these with polka-dots on them. They’re super adorable and will look great with any solid color dress. These rose chunky knit knee-high socks will also be a good choice if you are going for a similar look to the Fashionista’s. There are obviously more than enough options out there as knee socks are so in these days.

How To: If you’re feeling inspired to try out a pair of knee socks for yourself, go for it because it really is simple! Start with an outfit like the Fashionista’s by pairing some knee socks with a simple black skirt and a sweater. Add some more detail to the outfit with a statement necklace and you’ll have the perfect look in no time.