These past few weeks the wintry weather has been out of control. New York City has been graced with cold temperatures and snow days galore. With the onset of these quite chilly days, I cannot help but notice how Fashionistas all around me tailor their daily look to adapt to the brutally cold temperatures. One trend that has been prevalent throughout this season has been knee-high socks. The comfy additions bring life to outfits. They can provide a pop of color or detail that is just enough to cutely accessorize winter clothing and shoe options.

This Fashionista was seen flaunting her knee-high socks as she walked out of her classes for the day. She seamlessly blends the knee-high sock look into her outfit. The practicality of this look is not something to be overlooked. Her comfy, knit socks are the perfect recipe for cold feet. They usher in optimal warmth while also providing an element of contrast to each look. The light color of her socks offers an accent of color against her black leggings and brown boots.

Whether you are a true prepster or a bohemian hipster, you can still incorporate the knee-high sock look into your outfit. There are multiple ways to adorn your outfit with this stylish and smart look. Here is patterned pair, a textured pair and of course a classic pair.

How To: Do you want to add a little something to your outfit? Are your boots, leggings and slouchy sweater just not enough? Instead of wearing a pair of socks that can’t be seen, throw on a pair of knee or over the knee socks. The accessory will instantly apply texture, warmth and diversity to even the simplest of looks.