ALL IN THE DETAILS: Kimon’all Year

Hot, cold, rain or shine, Fashionistas are always ready to put fashion on the forefront. When Fashionistas are out strutting around on the street, their outfits are their armor. In this Fashionistas case her armor is her floral kimono. This fashion trend has swept every season by storm. Whether you’re going to class or going out on the town, it is simply one of the best accessories to have.

Kimonos are the perfect way to make a simple outfit turn into a more put together look. By adding this accessory you turn into an instant Fashionista! Its numerous patterns and styles can fit anyone’s personality. From classic preppy to flowy boho, the patterns are endless. Also with these endless patterns you are able to wear it from season to season (which is a plus for your wallet too).

This Fashionista has a wintrier kimono on. She is able to wear it in the warm weather because of how lightweight and breezy it is. Kimonos are a great substitute for when you are tired of your plain cardigan or flannel. They also go perfectly with some fabulous jewelry!

How To: From Connecticut to Florida, depending on where you are located, you can wear a kimono in any weather. When it is sunny and 75 you can pair your chic kimono with high-waisted shorts and a cute crop top. For those unfortunate frigid cold days you can pair your kimono with a long sleeve and scarf along with jeans and/or high riding boots. On the other hand you can also wear it with jeans and a tank with boots or heels. Kimonos also go perfectly with some fabulous jewelry. Depending on what type of patterned kimono you have on you can accessorize with statement necklaces or a simple monogram. Either way it is a great way to personalize and experiment with your style.