ALL IN THE DETAILS: Key Accessories for Festival Season

Warmer weather and no school means that festival season is in full swing! Whether you’re in Chicago and attending Lollapalooza or in New York for FarmBorough, you will be exposed to the elements. How you accessorize for the event can make a huge difference in allowing you to focus on the angelic vocals of Sam Smith or vibing out to Odesza!

This Fashionista is sporting a gray crop top and cut-off jean shorts for a comfortable look that will keep her cool during the hot periods of the day. The shirt and shorts combination is also cute and has a ’90s grunge feel, yet isn’t constricting, allowing her to dance and run wild and free during any festival.

The summer sun can be draining when you are outside all-day at a festival. If you don’t want to dim your view with sunglasses, a felt wide-brimmed hat like this Fashionista’s can block out the sun. Her stud diamond earrings are a subtle addition to the look that won’t contrast with the hat too much and are easy to keep track of during a crazy festival weekend.

Although summer days are often hot at festivals, nights can be chilly and a crop top might not help keep warm. This Fashionista adds a trendy flare to her look by tying a flannel around her waist that can double as a second shirt to keep her arms warm during the late nights of the event. The flannel is a perfect outfit addition especially for festivals in the desert where these weather changes during one day are common

In order to add some personality to her plain gray crop top, the Fashionista smartly added two necklaces: one with a rainforest topaz color and small leaf detailing, the other with a small cat charm. To help keep track of the time and when the next performers will be on stage, a watch similar to this Fashionista’s, is a nice touch to an outfit. If your phone dies and there are no open chargers at the festival, the watch will be a reminder of when to get to the stage area for the next artist. This Fashionista also paired her leather skinny strap watch with a couple bracelets and silver rings.

How To: When recreating this look, remember to pick a hat that is not too large that it will block the view of the other festival-goers around you. Floppy hats are much better for the beach, but a fedora or baseball cap are smaller and more suitable for the occasion. Remember to have fun with the jewelry and really show off your personal taste!