ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping Warm In Cozy Knits

Winter has hit Poughkeepsie in a particularly brutal manner this week. The wind was high, the snow was falling and everyone was bundling up like it was a scene from Snow Day. There has been an excess of parkas, colorful scarves and duck boots around campus. The vibe recalls a classic winter look straight out of New England. This Fashionista caught my eye because of the way she accessorized her winter look. She managed to express her style and personality despite the frigid temperature. It was refreshing to see those little bits of her fun, preppy style.

From the outset, this outfit looks like a classic winter ensemble. This Fashionista opted for a wonderfully warm parka from Lands’ End, paired with dark wash jeans and lace-up boots to provide the basis for her outfit. The great thing about starting with these basics is that it provides a great palette to add on to. You can take your look in any direction you want just as this Fashionista did! She describes her style as preppy and classic but eclectic. She achieved this wonderfully with her adorably cozy socks by Cabot New England, which initially caught my eye when I saw her on the way to class. The touch of fur lining her hood, her lovely hand knit scarf and her glasses finish the look off perfectly.

How To: To achieve a fashionable look in the dead of winter that still lets your personality shine through, start by building up from basics. Then find some killer accessories that bring a smile to your face, whether that means colorful socks poking out from your boots or a quirky, unique hat. Choose cozy knits that you can burrow into to face the harsh winds and play with colors and textures. You will end up with a look that is totally you despite the less than fashionable weather.