ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keep it Simplistic

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keep it Simplistic

With August fully in swing here, we got beach on the mind. Mother Nature has blessed us with heat, sunshine and a lot of it! Getting things done and being stuck at work and for some, class, has really been difficult when the weather has been screaming at us to be outside! This heat has also been affecting our fashion choices, as humidity is really going to be the death of us. Messy buns and shorts are pretty much a staple here. Jeans became unbearable and having your hair down just asks for frizz and sweat. You really have to embrace this heat though because sooner or later it will be snowing and you’ll wish you were somewhere sunny.

This Fashionista has really embraced this August heat. She is wearing less, but still looking classy. She is wearing jean shorts, which are a staple in every summer wardrobe. Jean shorts match with almost everything you could want to wear, get a pair in all three basic colors and you’ll be set for every outfit! She’s wearing a white strapless shirt that has just enough detail to keep it interesting. It is nice how it is simple detail, nothing that stands out too much to take away from the simplicity of the outfit!

The accessories that this Fashionista is wearing is what really keeps this outfit the perfect, summer outfit. She kept her accessories to a silver and black combination. To me, silver and black really go with everything! They are so simple that you can’t really mess it up with any outfit! Her necklace is a small diamond that really matches anything and draws just enough attention without it having to make a “statement.” Her bracelets do the same thing. The sunglasses she paired with the outfit, while perfect for the summer and beach days, they allow black to carry throughout the outfit, from her flip flops and anklet to her head.

How To: Remember simplicity is simple. You don’t need a lot to make your outfit look pristine. Start with one signature piece or a color and build from there.