ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keep Calm and Finals on

As we approach the last few weeks of the semester, we will enter the most anticipated event of the year: finals season. The long study nights and early morning tests will make it hard to think about what to wear in such a short amount of time. Quick everyday looks are essential for this period. This month’s featured look is calm, comfortable, but still seasonally and fashionably appropriate.

Windbreakers are currently trending as an easy go-to for the day. This Fashionisto is rocking a three color windbreaker featuring an accent of pink. This adds a great flare to the contrasting shades of gray and promotes the new spring season. The beauty of windbreakers is the build. They are light, which is a great quality for an on-the-go piece allowing for total mobility in such a hectic time. The hood located on the back of this windbreaker also allows it to be more versatile. During the cooler times of the day, or the event of rain, this Fashionisto is able to pop his hood on and continue the day.

Distressed jeans are another timeless staple. In this look, it is worn very simply and is the perfect finish to this look. The pink Vans go perfectly with the mood of the outfit. Although it does not exactly match the shade of pink featured on the windbreaker, they complement each other. This look is an example of what I like to call functional fashion. It is not always necessary for a Fashionisto to dress for a red carpet event every day, however, he almost always meets the basic standard of style. Happy finals everyone!