Statement necklaces are everywhere lately! They come in tons of different styles: metallic, floral, crystal, beaded, vintage—the list keeps growing. They instantly add flare and glamor to any outfit. Whenever I feel like an outfit is missing a little something, a statement necklace is my go-to. I must admit, sometimes I actually go a bit overboard with colors, patterns and added accessories. After trying out so many combinations of outfits and assorted necklaces, I have been left with the question of how the statement necklace can possibly be reinvented. For anyone in the same boat, take note from this Fashionista.

The key here is to not necessarily add more trends to reinvent the statement necklace, but rather to take it back to the basics and truly emphasize the statement in statement necklace. This Fashionista keeps each of the outfit’s pieces in the same dark color palette. The dark wash jeans, flowy black tank top and charcoal gray cardigan are simple and chic so that the overall look is put together. She adds some detail with studded sandals, which are shown off by the cuffed hems of her jeans. However, the real showstopper of the look is her bright orange and blue statement necklace. Since the rest of the look is so cohesive, the eye is drawn straight to the necklace in all of its twinkling glory. This allows for the focus to be on the gorgeous reflective patterns in each of the flowers’ petals. While still a popular trend, the statement necklace feels far from overdone in this fresh take. Also, the beauty of this look is that she can simply swap out the statement necklace for another in order to give this ensemble a completely new look. While the statement necklace gets a refresher, so do the basics.

How To: Go back to basics—select fool-proof pieces in a monochromatic color scheme to serve as a blank canvas for a statement piece. Add a standout necklace that shows off your personality and makes a strong impact.