As much as I love the summertime, I always find that I put my favorite looks together when the weather is just a bit chillier and you won’t die of heat stroke, or worse, embarrassment from sweat stains, if you decide to add on a few extra layers. Even if it is a 90-degree day in the middle of August I will still be wearing my booties and denim jacket simply because my outfit would not be the same without those pieces. Simplicity is something I lack, especially when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Due to this, I always appreciate it when I run into fellow Fashionistas who have mastered the minimalist outfit while still looking incredibly chic.

Minimalist styling often gets confused with purchasing clothing solely at your local Good Will location or clothing that is environmentally friendly. These options are not excluded from achieving the perfect minimalist look, but one must be aware that it goes beyond those two ideas. “Less is more” is a good way to look at the trend in terms of the amount of colors, prints, accessories and textures you have going on in your outfit. Keeping it simple is ideal. The building blocks of your wardrobe, “the basics,” are the key pieces needed.

I love how this Fashionista did not stick with one of the basic shades like gray, black or white and instead opted for a peach colored dress. This is exactly what caught my eye about her. Clean lines and neutral colored pieces are essential to building a minimalist wardrobe, but enhancing it by allowing your own personality to shine through is always ideal and in style. This Fashionista is a perfect example of how one can add a bit of color to their ensemble and still look put-together.

How To: I’m all about the tunic look for fall, and I can totally picture this fun, flirty dress with a pair of light-wash skinnies to keep the summer vibes going and some simple gold jewelry to pull off the look. It’s just the right length dress to double up as a tunic. Throw on some d’Orsay flats and a topknot and you will be ready for whatever may come your way while still pulling off the minimalist trend.