Accessories are important to an outfit. And in this weather, they are hard to add to your outfit. It is hard, but not impossible, to add accessories to your outfits—even in the winter. It may be cold, but that is not an excuse to not wear jewelry. You can always wear them.

In this outfit, the main accessory is the necklace. It is a very important piece of the outfit that adds a very interesting visual detail that gives a different taste to the outfit. This accessory makes the outfit look very sophisticated.

You can’t add an accessory like this necklace with all kinds of sweaters. The reason that it goes so well is because of the shape of the neckline. Since the neckline is very simple, it does not draw too much attention and the eye is drawn to the necklace. The bright color of the sweater makes the necklace stand out and pop because of the darker red color of the necklace. Both of these pieces go together and complement each other very well.

Another piece of the outfit is the dark jeans. They contrast very well with the blouse and go with the necklace, too. The outfit would look very cold without the necklace. It is the only warm color, and it contrasts, yet complements, the other colors in a very unique way. It is a very small detail in the outfit but it makes such a difference in the outfit.

How To: To get a look like this you need to find a simple sweater that is plain. In this case, it is a simple white sweater. Another very important detail is the necklace. Find a color that stands out from the sweater. In this case, it is dark red jewelry. Another piece of this outfit is the dark jeans that contrast the sweater. However, the two dark colors of the jewelry and jeans go very well together.