ALL IN THE DETAILS: Jerseys are the New Wave

August 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

As we get older, we start to learn a few things about ourselves. We start to develop goals we wish to reach. Our mindsets start to change through experience. Seven billion people, seven billion views. But, what makes a person stand out from the normal equation is their style.

In the Tri-State area, you can never be so certain about the weather. What makes this Fashionisto different? Why not wear a basic T-shirt and shorts combination? Instead, he decided to promote his unique style of sportswear. Sport jerseys don’t have to only be worn at sport events. All you gotta do is get all the right accessories and you’re good to go.

This Fashionisto is wearing an Oilers hockey jersey. The color combination from this jersey ties in with practically anything. So, since we’re starting from the top, let’s talk about the wave hat. Distressed hats are now in style, thanks to Kanye West’s influence through Yeezy. But, what makes this hat perfect for this season in particularly is the wave symbol. Nothing says summer without going to the beach and feeling the cool ocean breeze. As for his bottoms, he opts for the tranquil style and pairs his hockey jersey with a pair of drawstring shorts. The shorts are perfect for staying cool and it gives it a cool summer look. You don’t wanna look like you’re overdoing it, especially during the heat waves. Always start with dark colors and end with the lights. And that’s exactly what he did; he ties up the look with some adidas and throws in a rastaclat and wooden bracelet. He not only portrayed the classic summer look but also put his own unique style to make it more personalized.

It’s easy to follow trends, but it’s much harder to be your own trend. Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the crowd to find out who you want to be, rather than sticking to the status quo.

How To: Getting this look can be 100 percent easy to accomplish. First things first, grab any old sports jersey—even the one back from middle school, find a cap to match the color scheme, some loose shorts and throw in those sneakers you swore you’ll go running with. In a matter of seconds, your look is complete!