ALL IN THE DETAILS: It’s the Little Things

ALL IN THE DETAILS: It’s the Little Things

I have always been that person to notice and pay attention when little things make a huge difference. In fashion and style, every single detail counts.

This Fashionista’s outfit instantly caught my eye. At a quick glance, one could say her outfit is simple. However, there are so many elements to this look that bring it all together.

The first thing that caught my attention was this Fashionista’s amazing skirt. The colors and details in the skirt brought life to her outfit in an effortless way. How can I not mention how she styled her incredible oversize denim jacket? This Fashionista customized her jacket with cute pins, and rolled up the sleeves to make the overall look more polished.

This Fashionista broke some “fashion rules” by pairing her sheer black tights with brown booties. She was able to rock black and brown by matching her shoes to her skirt and keeping her tights cohesive with her crop top.

Her look is topped off with her simple, yet bold jewelry. Since this Fashionista rolled up her jacket sleeves, she’s able to show off her beautiful white marble stone cuff. She finishes tying up her look, with bold, triangular, cobalt blue, stone earrings. She was able to make these two very different accessories work well together because they were both made of the same material.

I also have to mention how perfectly styled this outfit is for the current back and forth spring weather. The denim jacket and sheer tights will keep this Fashionista warm earlier on in the day, as well as when it gets cooler in the afternoon. During the day, when it’s warmer, she can take her denim jacket off and embrace the sun with her crop top.

This Fashionista knows how important the little things are, and her style and outfit were a perfect example of it.