ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's Going to be a Bright, Bold Summer

It is officially summer, although I think Mother Nature has thought that for a couple of weeks now. Nevertheless, just because the sun is blazing outside doesn’t mean we shouldn’t accessorize. The heat has made it difficult to go anywhere during the middle of the day, let alone put on a full face of makeup or amazing outfit. However once I took a glance at this Fashionista strolling through the sun looking effortless, I knew I had to find out her secret.

This Fashionista looks dazzling sporting off simple items that can be found in all of our wardrobes. What sets her apart is her stylish accessories. To start, she wore a simple white halter crop top. White is perfect for the summer because it draws less heat from the sun and looks good against a tanner skin tone. Then she pairs her top with a pair of high-waisted dark denim. And let’s be honest, denim is perfect for all seasons because it’s easy to work with.

Now to the part everyone has been waiting for: the accessories! It’s important to accessorize regardless of the outfit and especially when we decide to wear simpler outfits. It makes it look like were working harder than we actually are. Our Fashionista is wearing a bold and colorful necklace from ALDO. This necklace has every color in it which means it’s perfect to wear with any plain shirt you might want to jazz up or a simple dress. She then completes her outfit with what I think is a summer staple: bright colored sandals! These work well to tie an outfit together as well as adding a pop of color.

How To: It’s simple! Just stick with the basics, a solid colored shirt or maxi then add a pop of color with a necklace or shoes to play up the outfit.