ALL IN THE DETAILS: It’s Back(pack)

Everyone has that one special backpack or rucksack which they use daily during the university semester. To me, the backpack is like a trusty and well-acquainted old friend. It is able to support with comfort and ease, know matter how much baggage you put in it, and bear the weight of all your belongings. There is no denying how useful and reliable this bag is, it truly is such a fundamentally practical bag. However, although backpacks are a best friend during the school semester, in the university vacations they can sometimes be a disaster and are neglected for fear of coming across as too preppy, youthful or passé.

This Fashionista successfully shows how the backpack can be utilized during the vacation period in a stylish and classic way. This faithful accessory is positively worked into her outfit by its formal elegance. By opting for a structured and leather style this Fashionista instantly avoids coming across as a schoolgirl. Her edgy Timberland style boots contrast the sophisticated shape of the backpack to also avoid any associations with being too preppy and childish. By teaming the look with a pair of patent leather leggings and a cute floral T-shirt this Fashionista ensures her ensemble is perfect for every daytime occasion. The outfit successfully personifies and encompasses practicality and minimalism without compromising on style.

How To: Are you afraid of rocking the backpack during the university break? Don’t be, opting for classic, refined and structured styles will help maintain a sophisticated, effortless and elegant look that will be perfect for all your needs and daytime events.