ALL IN THE DETAILS: It’s All Patterns and Giggles

Whoever said you couldn’t wear plaid with houndstooth together in the same outfit? This Fashionista perfects the art of mixing and matching in this effortless and playful getup. This look is the perfect choice for running around and finishing errands on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Walking past this Fashionista, I was instantly drawn to the way she chose to wear a green plaid flannel whilst wearing a plaid houndstooth printed crop top, too. Normally, the rule is that the less prints and patterns mixed together in the same outfit, the better. However, this Fashionista decided to kick that rule to the curb and sport a multi-patterned outfit. Keep in mind that when wearing patterns together, make sure they both are at least somewhat similar, just as this Fashionista did by choosing two plaid pieces. Another thing to note is that this outfit works well together because she chose to pair a green button-down with a black and white houndstooth crop top, because black and white literally match everything.

On a mission to finish her long to do list, this Fashionista made sure that she got everywhere she needed to go to, not only in style, but also in comfort. She pulled out her favorite multi-colored kicks and threw on an easy shoulder sling wallet to accessorize. These pieces are perfect for the on-the-go Fashionista finishing her Saturday agenda.

P.S: Can we all just take a moment to admire how chic her silver chrome nails are?

How To: Grab your favorite plaid button-up, or raid your brother’s closet, and throw it on over a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. Look for another printed crop top and match the colors accordingly. The key to this outfit is experimenting and making sure you don’t overdo it. Sometimes wearing more than two prints can look too messy. If wearing bold plaid pieces is too much for you, try taking it down a notch and try mixing and matching floral patterns instead. As with anything else, practice makes perfect, so don’t worry if you don’t nail this look on your first try!