ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's All About The Accessories

After The Men’s New York Fashion Week 2015 I have been obsessing a little bit over men’s fashion. I have taken such an interest on not only men’s wardrobe itself but the simplicity of how accessorizing can make an outfit.

This Fashionisto stated that recently he has decided to dress more classy and change up his wardrobe. What I loved the most about this outfit was the accessories he had incorporated. He kept his outfit really casual but at the same time a little bit dressy. To do so he paired some basic blue jeans with a light blue, striped button-down shirt and some black oxfords. The shades of blue were also something that caught my eye because its important to make the colors stand out without overdoing one another.

The simple details are what make this outfit stand out, for example, the way the bottom of his jeans are cuffed. While in the process of taking these pictures, the Fashionisto asked me if it was okay if he got more comfortable by untucking his shirt. I felt that leaving the shirt untucked made the outfit look more casual, while have the shirt tucked made the outfit seem more professional in a way.

Details and accessories can really make or break an outfit. I personally loved the simplicity of the accessories this Fashionisto used. In my opinion, hats are one of the perfect accessories. They can hide a bad hair day but can also be the main attraction of an outfit. He also made his outfit look stylish by adding some vintage sunglasses. Round sunglasses have been a popular trend lately and not everyone feels as if they can pull them off (I know I can’t). One of my favorite aspects of this whole ensemble was that this Fashionisto wasn’t afraid to accessorize. So guys, don’t be afraid to accessorize!

How To: Have you been contemplating how to wear a wool hat? Always wanted to try wearing round sunglasses? Well it’s about that time you incorporate both into your outfits this summer!