Recently, my friends and I were discussing how fashion always evolves and always comes back. For example, the ‘90s trend has made a comeback in a huge way with chokers, crop tops and baggy pants. Another thing I noticed making a comeback is the simplicity of matching. Matching is a term loosely used in today’s world of fashion; it seems to no longer be as important as it used to be. Recently, the trends of color-blocking and mixing patterns have taken away from matching and creating a more harmonic look. I personally love the look of matching shoes with a handbag or top. Whenever you have matching pieces in your outfit, they can give off a more simple and refined look.

Spotting this Fashionista with a white bag and white sneakers made me think about how crisp her outfit looks, and how white can really do wonders to any outfit. It made me wonder why I haven’t seen this trend more often. When you have two or more clothing articles that match, your look can seem more put together. Wearing the lighter wash denim with the white handbag and shoes made this Fashionista look sleek. Some may say that they would never match their handbag to their shoes because they find it old school, but matching neutral colors such as white or tan could actually help your outfit stand out. I do love the pattern on pattern trend, but as we approach fall and winter, it would be great to see more of the matching instead of the mixing.

Matching can actually be more of a risk now than other trends. It might seem like you thoughtfully planned your outfit, or it might say you’re still stuck on the past. Either way, taking on this trend is a great excuse to buy more handbags and shoes. You will need a pair for every outfit of course.

How To: If you want to try out a similar look to this Fashionista, first choose an outfit that you love, then choose a pair of shoes that complement it. Whichever color shoes you wear, pair it with a handbag of the same or similar color. The bolder the color, the bolder the look will be.