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February 17th, 2016 at 2:06am

This winter has been awfully bewildering (thanks, El Niño). The mercury in that old school thermometer sitting in your garage is dancing between below freezing and spring-like temperatures. It can be tough to dress for the weather when the day’s forecast predicts rain and snow fall and above seasonal temperatures. This weather can very well put a damper on the days of the most sanguine of individuals; Not to mention the toll it has on our hair and skin, which perhaps feels like the Sahel at the moment: brittle to the touch and arid.

I came across this Ryerson student a little earlier in the season. I couldn’t help but notice how they were taking the dipping temperatures in strides. An amble through the chilled streets of campus didn’t seem to bother them. Clearly, I had to approach and take note.

The student dons an oversized yellow peacoat and has rolled them at the sleeves for a more relaxed look. A black shirt under the coat provides the neutral backsplash for the entire ensemble. For a little more touch of colour, they loosely draped a vibrant paisley scarf over the outfit and slipped on some black leather gloves because it’s winter and we should all take care of our extremities.

With athleisure still going strong, this student opted for black Nike Free runners and paired them with washed out pin-rolled jeans—a Toronto essential, it seems. To complete this look, Green tinted glasses, very reminiscent of a matching pair worn by the Olsen Twins in Billboard Dad, sit pretty on the bridge of their nose. Whether they’re a homage to the most important siblings of the ‘90s or simply a stylistic choice, they work.

How To: There are several ways to go about replicating this look. Although this Fashionista did ‘slay’ the yellow, the whole outfit does not hinge on the colour of the coat. A long peacoat of any vibrant tone will fit the bill. Once you’ve locked down that portion of the outfit, move on to adding the remaining components: the equally vibrant scarf, the light wash jeans, the tinted shades, the black runners and of course, some gloves.