ALL IN THE DETAILS: “It” Accessories of Tailgate Season

Well, it is officially September, also known as the most amazing time of year for college students: TAILGATE SEASON! Yes, football is great and all but come on—when you attend a Big Ten college, tailgating is just as important as the game. Putting together the perfect tailgating outfit is what all of the hype is actually about. There is nothing better than being able to rep your college on game day and look trendy while doing so.

For tailgate season, it’s all in the details. Yes, you’ll see a million people wearing the same colors; cream and crimson, candy stripe leggings and the infamous IU “never lost a tailgate” T-shirt; but it all comes down to the accessories that make your outfit unique. When it comes to the newest “it” accessory for tailgate season, I have just one simple word: HipZips. Yes, these are fanny packs and yes, they are most definitely a necessity for tailgating at any college. HipZips are hand-drawn, trendy, and all around unreal for tailgating (you’ll never lose your phone again) and even better, I know the creative girl that makes them!

I paired my HipZip with a red bandana tied around my neck—because who isn’t obsessing over this look at the moment—and red face jewels. A bandana has the ability to tie any outfit together and make it look that much bolder. Levi shorts are always a must especially when they are paired with high-top red Converse and a red off the shoulder crop top from Free People. What better way to celebrate the first tailgate than with the perfect outfit?

So yes, our favorite time of year has begun and the outfits will continue to get better and better each game. With winter coming, oversize flannels and candy stripe leggings will take over the tailgating fields but the main thing that I always keep as a staple look for tailgates: accessories.