Calling all Fashionistas! As the summer season is beginning to come to an end, you may be struggling to create new outfit combinations with the clothing you already have. While we all love to buy new clothes, you can easily save money and create new looks with a simple accessory. In other words, instead of buying a whole new outfit, all you need to do is add a cute summery hat in order to make your outfit look new and unique.

Here, our Fashionista is seen wearing a white cropped tank top and white high-waisted lace shorts. She also chose to wear a long dark gray knit sweater and white flip flops to match her white shirt and shorts combination. While the cut of her crop top complements the waistline of her shorts, the length of this Fashionista’s sweater balances out her entire look. In order to make her outfit especially unique, however, this Fashionista chose to wear a white and brown summery hat. Not only does the white color match her white outfit and flip flops, but the light straw material also makes for the perfect summer weather hat. After adding a few other accessories such as a bold pink watch, this Fashionista is definitely ready to take on yet another stylish summer day.

How To: All you need is a white crop top, white high-waisted shorts, matching sandals and a straw hat. If there happens to be a cool summer breeze outside, simply complete your outfit with a long knit sweater.