You stand there staring into your closet thinking, “I have nothing to wear.” Your closet seems so empty and bare, kind of like your bank account, considering your closet is far from empty and bare. It’s actually completely full. Obviously, you can’t get rid of that shirt you’ve had for four years because you might need it one day. After a few more minutes, you finally figure it out. You’ve got the main components of your outfit. You throw on a cute pair of shoes and some jewelry, but you still feel like you need that extra something. Commence standing there for another 10 minutes feeling like you’re staring into a black hole. What is it?

This Fashionista figured it out. She found the missing detail. Felt hats are a must-have. No matter what season it is, they’re the perfect accessory. They go with any style you’re portraying. You can obviously throw one on when your hair is just not cooperating or because it completes your outfit. Remember, you don’t choose the felt hat, the felt hat chooses you. Make sure the way it’s shaped fits your frame and really complements your facial structure.

This Fashionista dresses to the nines with a pair of light wash denim shorts to help contrast with her black top and booties. I don’t think she had any problems finding something to wear in her wardrobe.

How To: The great thing about felt hats is the fact that they go with preppy outfits, hipster looks or a little more edgy ensembles. Don’t be afraid to make a felt hat the focus of your outfit. Sometimes it’s the missing detail.