ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hold on to Your Hats!

Happy February, Fashionistas/os! I’m back to give you the scoop on the fashion world at The University of Alabama! As temperatures continue to drop (wait…in the South?), you may be wondering how exactly you’re suppose to dress to excess in this bitter cold. We’ve been riding the temperature rollercoaster since October with the hot and then cold, which is starting to sound like a Katy Perry song. So let me take a minute to tell you how to take any outfit from drab to fab with just a rad accessory.

Now let me tell you, hats are one of my absolute favorite accessories for any time of the year. To me, they are one of most versatile fashion must-haves. This lovely Fashionista chose to rock this super cute floppy hat with a pair of adorable booties and a bohemian-style gold moon necklace. In fact, this outfit is pretty much a bohemian/hipster mash-up and she totally rocks it! The floppy hat gives this totally lax outfit a fun, flirty vibe and adds a bohemian touch. Then she pairs it with some sleek booties bumping up that hipster flair. Not to mention a totally bohemian moon necklace for some added interest to this rockin’ ensemble. The accessories definitely make this outfit, and I have to say that the floppy hat is what catches my attention the most. You can wear this hat with pretty much any outfit to give it a little something extra. You could pair it with a dress, jeans and a top or even with an uber cute jumper. This hat is the main attraction for this outfit, and I could definitely see it as an accessory that everyone should have in their collection.

How To: Are you ready to branch out and try adding a hat to your outfit? All you need to do is grab a cute floppy hat and a rad accessory and style to your heart’s content. Don’t go too overboard because you want the hat to be the main focus!