ALL IN THE DETAILS: Hidden Florals

How about those days when you want to feel all summery but you’re not exactly in the mood to wear bright colors? It’s a little weird coming from someone like me who lives for colors but I definitely have some days when I really want to stick to the neutrals, namely white, black, brown and nudes. I do still love my bright colors but a little break really does make the heart grow fonder. There has to be more to summer than shades of orange, yellow and pink, don’t you think?

This fab Fashionista thinks YES! Keeping the colors minimal, the floral overload causes the ensemble to very obviously pass for summer as opposed to fall. It’s all in the details. The floral lace kimono, the little black floral dress and the statement necklace…that also happens to be shaped in (ahem) little petals. The floral patterns are less overwhelming sans couleur but still wave that summer flag.

If you’re not too big on color or you’re feeling rather minimalist on warmer days, throw on something I like to call “hidden florals. By hidden, I mean florals in neutral colors, florals in your accessories and even florals combined with lace! Yes, the bright colors are missing but besides that, flowers are inextricably linked to summer and spring. Plus, that nude floral necklace that you have? You can wear it in fall, too. You’ll always carry that reminder when summer nostalgia falls in later on this year…pun intended.

How To: Invest in pieces like lace kimonos, shoes and accessories with a “hidden floral” touch! That way, you’re able to rock them well after the temperatures drop and nature’s florals begin to wither. Unlike mother nature’s, yours never do.