The term “heavy metal” is often associated with a look that is harsh and intense. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case! One trend I have been loving in particular, is wearing mixed metals in one look. The several tones and shades in accessories add diversity to an outfit while still being cohesive. This Fashionista instead shows us how to incorporate metallic elements while still being feminine and flirty.

Accessories are often underestimated but they have the power to change the feel of an entire outfit. From shoes to hats and even jewelry, accessories should be viewed as the supporting cast to a movie. In order for the movie to become a blockbuster, the supporting roles must be as strong as the lead roles.

This Fashionista’s accessories add the perfect finishing touches to her retro-hippie ensemble. First off, she shows us that the more jewelry the better! Instead of overdoing it with overbearing necklaces, earrings and bracelets this Fashionista focuses on one area. She layers multiple bracelets and rings to add to the retro-inspired style, which adds interest and glamour.

Next, another way that this Fashionista incorporated metallics is within her skirt. The silver hardware coordinates perfectly with the navy blue faux-leather look. The detailing in the skirt serves as a wonderful example of how an outfit can contain components of leather and metal in a fresh take.

Lastly, possibly the most eye catching part of this Fashionista’s outfit are of course the shoes! Unafraid to take risks, she completes her look with unique studded wedges. These show-stopping kicks look as if they came right from the ’70s! I love how they again include metallic accents to add even more edge to the whole outfit.

Overall, the geometrically printed top and leather mini skirt are perfectly paired with hints of metallic accessories that create a vintage yet modern ensemble!

How To: Jewelry is the perfect way to add metal to your look. Search around your current collection and layer a few rings or bracelets to diversify your existing outfits!